Gia Long Exhibition & Construction Co., Ltd is a companion of many businesses in the field of design, construction of exhibition booths, 3D perspective design, rental of exhibition equipment and materials. With a team of professional and experienced staff, Gia Long’s office is now present in countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan and Cambodia. As one of the leading enterprises in the construction and design of exhibition booths, we wish to bring to our customers beautiful and quality booths in line with the costs and expectations of the business.

Over the years of establishment and development, Gia Long has received a lot of appreciation from domestic and international units. With the desire to expand the market, strengthen cooperation with units around the world, we constantly listen and absorb the opinions and contributions of customers to bring the most professional and impressive booth. Customers who need to design exhibition booths, construct exhibition booths nationwide, please contact our company immediately for the fastest advice!