Top energy Trade Shows in Vietnam 2024 – Most recent update

Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam

Energy trade shows in Vietnam are the driving force behind the latest advancements in the country’s energy sector. Attendees have the unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and sustainable solutions that are propelling the industry forward. These influential trade shows bring together industry leaders, experts, and businesses, providing a platform to expand networks and stay informed about emerging trends. 

List of Upcoming Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam 

Future Energy Show Vietnam – Solar Show VietNam

Date: 10 to 11 July 2024


Vietnam’s vibrant energy sector is propelled forward by influential trade shows that showcase Vietnam’s largest renewable energy event. Among them, Solar Show Vietnam stands out as the largest renewable energy event in the country. This premier gathering brings together industry leaders, experts, and businesses, providing a platform to explore the immense potential of solar power in Vietnam

Electric & Power Vietnam 2024

Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam 2023, including Electric & Power Vietnam, are premier events dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in the electric power industry. Electric & Power Vietnam, a highly anticipated trade show, brings together industry professionals, experts, and businesses to explore the future of the energy sector in Vietnam. 

Date: 4 to 6 September 2024

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) 

Items to be exhibited:

  • Electrical Equipment: Generators, transformers, control and protection devices, voltage regulators, automatic electrical systems, power cables, sockets and switches, measurement and testing equipment, etc.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar energy systems, solar panels, solar batteries, wind turbines, rooftop solar power systems, etc.
  • Smart Technology: Smart control devices, energy management systems, automation solutions, control and monitoring systems, etc.
  • Energy Saving Technology: Energy-saving devices, load management systems, energy-efficient lighting equipment, etc.
ASEAN Wind Energy 2024

Date: 29 to 30 October 2024

Venue: The Adora Center on the street Hoàng Văn Thụ 431 in city.

ASEAN Wind Energy, one of the prominent wind energy trade shows in Vietnam, is a leading event dedicated to showcasing the potential and advancements in the wind energy industry within the ASEAN region.

At Vietnam’s largest renewable energy event, wind energy trade shows in Vietnam, attendees have the unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions that are driving the industry forward.

 By fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among industry professionals, these influential wind energy trade shows contribute significantly to the growth and development of the wind energy sector in Vietnam.

Why should businesses care about Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam?

Businesses should care about energy trade shows in Vietnam for several compelling reasons. Firstly, these trade shows provide an invaluable platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and technologies to a targeted audience within the energy industry. This exposure can lead to increased visibility, brand recognition, and potential partnerships. 

Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam
Energy Trade Shows in Vietnam

Secondly,  energy trade shows in Vietnam offer a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements, trends, and regulations in the energy sector. Businesses can gain valuable insights, market intelligence, and strategic knowledge that can help them stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, these trade shows foster networking and collaboration, allowing businesses to connect with industry experts, potential clients, suppliers, and investors. 

Lastly, with Vietnam’s growing focus on renewable energy and sustainable solutions, participating in renewable energy trade shows in Vietnam can position businesses as leaders in the green energy movement, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships in this rapidly evolving industry.

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In summary, energy trade shows in Vietnam play a vital role in driving the growth and advancement of the country’s energy industry. These trade exhibitions serve as a hub for businesses to connect, showcase their products and services, gain industry insights, and capitalize on emerging market opportunities. 

Moreover, these events provide an ideal platform to stay informed about government initiatives, regulations, and legislation related to the energy sector.

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