4 important steps when participating in exhibitions

bước quan trọng khi tham gia hội chợ triển lãm - steps when participating in exhibitions

Knowing about the important steps when participating in exhibitions will help businesses achieve the expected results,, the business should pay attention to the following points in Process of booth design, preparation for participation in the fair.

Top 4 important steps when participating in exhibitions for businesses

Register booth space

Selecting a booth location is one of the important steps when participating in exhibitions in attracting customers to the booth.. Early registration with the Organizer is the number one priority in the preparation process, usually a year in advance to ensure a good spot.

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm ấn tượng - Impressive exhibition booth design
 Impressive exhibition booth design

Exhibition booth design

These are important steps when participating in exhibitions. If you already have a good product, have registered a beautiful booth location but the inexperienced booth designer can not attract the “beauty” visitors to the “team” of sold. We make another hypothesis. If one side is your product – new product, not known to customers, or the quality of the first product is not really good, but there is design “team” from exhibition booth designers contractors professional exhibition, create So the breakthrough and one side is the product features more outstanding but booths are sketchy, lack of investment, lack of professionalism, the customer will prefer to visit any booth before? I will not impose my opinion on this question that will let each of us reflect together!

Combining a partner with a booth design is so important, but what will they have to do to meet our needs?
Among the important steps when participating in exhibitions. Therefore, it is necessary to invest, study in making information and layout. To attract the attention of visitors, a booth needs to:
– Harmonious design, outstanding image
– Good information dissemination while highlighting the specific characteristics of the industry with the country’s unique culture combined with the aesthetic taste of the consumer market.
– Avoid cumbersome, colorful, too many pictures
– Should choose the local design units have experience with the market, they understand the aesthetics of local customers.
Should spend at least 4-6 months (depending on booth size) to build design ideas, find partners and come to a unified design.

Choice of display products at the exhibition


Selection of impressive display products
Selection of impressive display products

Must study the market characteristics and characteristics of the fair to select appropriate products of packaging design, size, … The following should be noted:
– Which product is the main product to bring to the market competitive company?
– Are those products suitable for consumption and market demand?
– Is packaging design appropriate for the market?
– Is the product display area reasonable?
– Need support facilities to highlight display products such as product testers, etc.

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Hotel Registration

During the fair, the number of visitors is very large so booking in advance will help us save money. You can contact the Organizing Board to register for these services as the organizers work with travel agencies to facilitate booking of hotels and transportation. Don’t forget to choose an impressive booth construction unit for your booth.


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