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Vietbaby exhibition

Vietbaby – one of the important events in 2023 for mothers and babies will take place in Vietnam. The exhibition is organized with the aim of bringing useful experiences to visitors in general, especially mothers and babies in particular. The program cooperates with many high-end brands, promising to be a great destination that parents and children should not miss.

Vietbaby – Outstanding events in the mother and baby industry

Vietbaby exhibition converging all high-class products and services exclusively in the mother and baby industry. In 2023, the exhibition will pay special attention to products that protect and improve the health of mothers and babies.

Therefore, a series of technological products and foods strengthen the resistance of mothers and babies with the effect of disinfecting, sterilizing, cleaning,… landing. Not only domestic products but also foreign brands are present.

VietBaby promises special things, bringing in-depth seminars with antenatal classes, nutrition and comprehensive care for pregnant women for free. Especially for businesses doing business in the mother and baby industry, the exhibition is a very good opportunity for businesses to have more diverse products, from newborns to children, educational products, and office products. Products…

Detailed information about Vietbaby 2023 exhibition

Vietbaby Exhibition 2023 takes place from September 21, 2023 until September 23, 2023 at I.C.E Center – 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. With the presence of leading domestic and foreign brands dedicated to babies and mothers.

Vietbaby exhibition space 2023

Main space of Vietbaby exhibition 2023 includes:

  • The program of circus, magic, arts, … are prepared by the organizers, exclusively for children.
  • Free play area for children with new games, developing thinking. There is also a play area for 3-year-olds.
  • The most special is the birthday program for the baby, the children can have fun, explore the giant cake, sing happy birthday with all their friends at Vietbaby. Surely this is the best thing that children cannot forget when participating in the exhibition at Vietbaby Fair.

List of products at Vietbaby 2023 exhibition:

Products for babies from 0 months:

  • Clothing, machinery and educational products, strengthening knowledge for mothers during antenatal
  • Specialized products and foods for infants such as pillows, mattresses, sheets, cribs, beds, nutritious foods, milk, clothes,…
  • Products to ensure safety for babies such as strollers, car seats, slings, …
  • At the same time, franchised services such as health and spiritual care for pregnant women, postpartum mothers, babies, full body massages, spa tubs,…

Products for children from 0 to 12 years old:

  • Nutritional food, weaning tools, snacks, milk, … for children.
  • Furniture for the baby’s bedroom such as carpets, decorative accessories, …
  • Brain-stimulating toys for babies, high-tech toys, brain-exploring products for babies, talent search,…
  • Sterilization equipment and machinery to protect the health of children.
  • Specialized products for children such as shoes, clothes, accessories, pacifiers, …

Educational products for children from 0-12 years old

  • Language, arts and gifted courses for children from the International Education Center.
  • Documents and books to support the comprehensive development of children, entertain, relax, learn about the optical world around them.
  • Besides, novel products help stimulate baby’s curiosity.
  • Useful tools to support children’s education at home, exploit their intelligence and help children develop as comprehensively as possible.

Accompanying program at the exhibition 2023

Some special programs included at Vietbaby 2023:

  • Consulting program to expand the domestic product and brand market
  • Discuss with Vietnamese experts about the importance of the industry
  • Lottery
  • Symposium dedicated to babies and mothers
  • Rich event program
  • Trade program 1:1
  • Proctozone Program

Coming to VietBaby, mother and baby have the opportunity to come to the Shopping Paradise, where the products of big brands are gathered. Shocked with discounts up to 50% at the children’s wonderland. Have fun without fear of cost to join the free prenatal nutrition class to take care of pregnant women – Ready to welcome a new member in the family.

A series of Vietbaby booth design and construction projects have been completed by Gia Long

Vietbaby 2023 exhibition

  • Neurio booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • Construction of the H&S booth was completed by Gia Long
  • Tran Gia booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

Vietbaby 2023 exhibition booth construction unit

VietBaby is confident to be one of the perfect environments, creating opportunities for businesses to introduce and promote their products and brands to visitors. Therefore, it is extremely important to prepare yourself a beautiful and professional exhibition booth to attract viewers.

Gia Long is a booth contractor specializing in the construction and exhibition booth design at Vietbaby of prestigious and quality in the market. With nearly 20 years of operation in the field of fair booth design, professional booth construction, along with owning a team of experienced staff, we are confident to bring businesses beautiful and impressive booths. 

Please contact us immediately for a thorough consultation.

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