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Showroom construction

Prestigious and professional showroom construction is one of the great solutions to help businesses make a good impression on customers. However, not everyone has the full knowledge and how to build a reasonable space. That’s why you need to find yourself a quality showroom design and construction unit in the market.

Design service – showroom construction

An impressive and beautiful 3D design showroom not only attracts the attention of viewers but also enhances the brand value in the hearts of customers. In addition, it also helps you increase the level of customer experience and usage for the showroom.

Just like exhibition stand design, a reputable and professional showroom construction unit will help you do this quickly and easily. With beautiful designs and a team of professional architects, they will help you give advice and solutions to help your showroom attract customers and promote your business.

Reasons why businesses should choose design and construction services showroom in Gia Long

Experienced showroom design – construction

With nearly 20 years of operation in the field of construction and exhibition booth design, Gia Long has always asserted itself as one of the leading units, providing optimal solutions for showroom construction for customers. Not only owning an office in the country, we also have a presence in Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia.

We are proud to be the companion of many prestigious domestic and international enterprises. With a team of experienced architects and staff, customers will be consulted on choosing the design, color and make the most suitable choice for the showroom construction process.

Fast and professional showroom construction process

Step 1: Survey and receive information

Similar to the fair booth design process, we will conduct a survey and review the current status before proceeding with the construction of the fair booth. After receiving the information and needs of the customer, we will proceed to offer the optimal solution in accordance with the space and requirements of the customer.

Step 2: Preliminary sketch, design

After reaching agreement on the customer’s requirements, Gia Long’s team of architects of booth contractor Gia Long will discuss and come up with a 3D design showroom plan. The interior design will be sent to the customer for review.

Step 3: Signfit copper

When both parties have agreed to the agreements and agreed in choosing the plan, the customer will finalize the design and sign the contract. Customers will deposit to us in advance for the cost of showroom construction.

Showroom construction

Step 4: Technical analysis

At this stage, we will conduct a detailed analysis of factors such as color, manufacturing material, size, price… Then we will send you an estimate of all furniture after 3 days to conduct appropriate reviews and recommendations.

Step 5: Sign the contract and start construction

Gia Long will free 100% of the cost of 3D design when the customer agrees with the design and chooses us as the showroom construction unit. The showroom interior construction time will range from 15-20 days. Depends on the area as well as the current situation of the construction project.

Step 6: Acceptance, payment and warranty

After completing the showroom interior construction as well as other exhibition booth construction processes, our team of architects will evaluate and check the quality in detail, and proceed to pay for the construction contract. Handover in accordance with the original requirements that you set

All projects on interior showroom construction in Gia Long will be warranted for 1 year. Therefore, you are completely secure when choosing us as a companion in the design and construction of your showroom interior.

If you have questions, or difficulties in finding exhibition booth designers contractors. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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