When taking part in an exhibition, which kinds of cost does a firm have to pay for? 

loại chi phí tham gia triển lãm - type of cost of participating in the exhibition

Enterprises need to prepare all type of cost of participating in the exhibition effectively? Refer to 21 types of expenses to budget for the company to get the best effect when participating in trade shows.

Summarize the type of cost of participating in the exhibition

The question for the firms who join a fair for the first time is: “ How many kinds of cost are there?” and “ How can you plan the total cost?”

  • Designing cost
  • Cost for stall
  • Hiring place cost
  • Hiring cost beyond stall designing
  • Managing and serving cost: electrics, water, trash, gas, phone charge, security.
  • Interior decorating cost
  • Insurance or hiring stock cost
  • Material and product delivering cost
  • Construction cost
  • Labor cost
  • Grand aid cost for stall manager
  • Hiring PG-PB cost
  • Uniform cost
  • Food and drink cost
  • Media cost
  • Designing and printing media documents cost
  • Press conference or advertising before the event cost
  • Printed matter and pattern producing cost
  • Gift cost
  • Sponsor cost
  • Event activity cost
Image of the UL booth
Image of the UL booth

Above are the 21 type of cost of participating in the exhibition required. Of all costs, 2 costs 01 and 09 will be carefully considered. The reason is that the fair booth is a decisive factor for brand recognition.

Among the type of cost of participating in the exhibition listed above, the cost of construction and design of the fair booth is usually the most concerned.. The stall really is the brand’s face. Hence, investing in design and decoration is firms’ right choice.

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