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Secutech exhibittion

Secutech Vietnam 2023 is an international exhibition on technology, safety equipment, protection, and fire prevention. It will take place from 09:00 to 17:30, July 19, 2023, to July 21, 2023, at the International Exhibition Center (ICE) in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event promises to bring numerous opportunities for cooperation, experience sharing, and technology transfer in the field of Fire Safety & Rescue.

What is Secutech Vietnam Exhibition?

Secutech Vietnam, also known as the International Exhibition on Technology, Firefighting, Rescue, and Security Equipment – Fire Safety & Rescue Vietnam, is an annual exhibition held in Vietnam. The exhibition is supported by the Department of Security Industry, the Fire Police Department, the Exhibition and Advertising Company of Vietnam, and Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Group.

The event serves as an important platform and stepping stone for global businesses in general and Vietnam in particular to introduce their products related to security technology, fire safety, rescue, and more to a wide audience.

Additionally, Secutech Vietnam also provides excellent opportunities to enhance international cooperation, exchange experiences, and transfer technology in the field of Fire Safety & Rescue. It also helps to explore investment and cooperation opportunities, as well as support developing countries and global organizations and businesses in equipping firefighting and rescue facilities.

Key Highlights of Secutech Vietnam 2023

Secutech Vietnam 2023 is the 16th edition of the international event specializing in technical equipment, safety devices, protection, and firefighting. The exhibition will run from July 19, 2023, to July 21, 2023, at the International Exhibition Center (ICE) in Hanoi.

Main Display Sectors at the Exhibition

The main sectors showcased at Secutech Vietnam 2023 primarily target five key customer groups:

  • Industrial Safety (factories, power plants, high-tech zones)
  • Transportation (railways, urban areas, highways)
  • Service Industry (hotels, serviced apartments, tourism, villas)
  • Commercial Areas (shopping malls, offices, high-rise buildings)
  • Residential Areas (apartment complexes, mixed-use buildings, private houses)
  • Professional security: consisting of monitoring systems, platforms, alarm software, access control systems, and internal communication systems.
  • Smart buildings: automation management systems, parking solutions, bell and intercom systems, energy-saving systems.
  • Safety and Fire Prevention: passive and active firefighting equipment, disaster prevention devices, and rescue equipment. Industrial safety devices and environmental protection.

Exhibition Scale

Building on the success of Secutech Vietnam 2022, the exhibition had over 320 participating booths from more than 250 entities representing various countries and territories, including Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Vietnam, the UK, Germany, and more. The event attracted numerous businesses and strong brands from around the world, such as Panel Phuong Nam, Jufeng tech, Mobifone, Vina Foam, Yun Yang, Fisa, Isachi, Bien Bac, HTI, Draeger, and many others. The scale and impact of the exhibition were evident in the 2022 event, and Secutech Vietnam 2023 promises to offer even greater opportunities.

Activities at Secutech Vietnam 2023

A notable feature of the exhibition is that attendees can participate in practical experiences related to fire extinguishing, rescue operations, escape techniques, and hazard situations.

In addition, the Hanoi Fire Department, the Fire Department, and the Rescue Department will organize dissemination, guidance, and hands-on experiences of escape skills, not only on the ground but also at heights. They will cover basic first aid skills, handling incidents on motor vehicles, and more for students, officials, workers, and everyone attending the event in general.

Moreover, Secutech Vietnam dedicates a forum for manufacturing businesses to come and participate in updating information on trends, exchanging ideas on the most prominent topics in the industry through conferences and roundtable discussions held recently.

A series of projects on construction and design of Secutech Vietnam exhibition booth completed by Gia Long

Secutech Vietnam 2022

Construction of Minh Plastic Hung’s booth was completed by Gia Long

Teletek booth was built by Gia Long at the Exhibition

Secutech Vietnam 2019

Design and construction of SFFECO booth completed by Gia Long

Secutech Vietnam 2018 

Construction of the UL booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

Dahua booth was built and completed by Gia Long

SFFCO booth was constructed and designed by Gia Long

Secutech Vietnam 2017

Vantech booth was built by Gia Long at the exhibition

Complete construction of UL booth by Gia Long

Design and construction of Dahua boi Gia Long booth

Korea pavilion was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition 

Design and construction company for Secutech Vietnam 2023 Exhibition

The beautiful and impressive design of the Secutech Vietnam booths is incomplete without the presence of a reputable design and construction company. This contributes to helping businesses attract and build customer trust.

Gia Long is a company specializing in exhibition booth designing Secutech Vietnam in the market. With nearly 20 years of experience in the profession and a team of experienced and well-trained staff in each stage of production, we are confident to bring to businesses beautiful and impressive exhibition stand design for customers.

If you have any inquiries or difficulties in finding a quality exhibition booth designers contractors  in the market, please contact us immediately for dedicated advice.

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