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Plastic & Rubber exhibition

Plastic & Rubber, an international exhibition dedicated to the plastic and rubber industry, will officially take place on July 25, 2023. This event serves as a platform for businesses to exchange and share valuable knowledge about the plastic and rubber sector. It aims to contribute to the advancement of the plastic and rubber industry in Vietnam by presenting innovative solutions.

The role of Plastic & Rubber in the plastic industry

Plastics are among the industries with stable growth worldwide today, widely used in various fields. Currently, countries in Asia, Europe, and North America are the largest consumer markets for the plastic industry, accounting for approximately 80% of global consumption.

In Vietnam, the market share of the plastic industry has been experiencing positive development in recent years. However, the plastic industry still faces uneven growth and certain challenges. The main reason is the input materials, which result in higher production costs compared to other countries in the region.

Plastic & Rubber is a specialized exhibition for the plastic and rubber industry. It is a reputable exhibition that attracts the attention of many major brands worldwide. It provides an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products, promote their brands, and expand new collaborations.

Detailed information about the Plastic & Rubber 2023 exhibition

Exhibition scale

Date: 25th July 2023 – 27th July 2023 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Opening hours:

09:00 – 17:00 (25th – 26th July 2023)

09:00 – 16:00 (27th July 2023)

Venue: International Exhibition Center (ICE), 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi.

This is definitely a great event for businesses to showcase and exchange their products. The exhibition will bring together more than 200 exhibitors from various countries and territories.

The product categories exhibited at the Plastic & Rubber 2023 exhibition include

Machinery & Equipment for the plastic and rubber industry: Machinery & equipment for plastic and rubber processing, auxiliary equipment, digitization, machinery & equipment for finishing, printing, decoration, components and spare parts, measuring and testing equipment, process automation, used processing machinery & equipment, power-down equipment.

Raw materials and additives: Additives, adhesives and glues, coating compounds, plastic fillers, foams & catalysts, paints & resins, fibers & reinforcing materials, plastics and compounds, rubber, raw materials, catalysts, polymer additives; adhesive tapes; thermoplastic elastomer materials; thermosetting plastics.

Finished products, technical components & reinforced plastics: Compounds, recycling; films; plastic products & components, processing technologies; semi-finished products; technical components.

Integrated services, research, and science: Consulting services, computer software services, consultancy services, subcontracting, government agencies, science & consultancy, trade associations, academies, press.

Please note that the translation may not capture the exact product names or categories, but it provides a general understanding of the exhibited items.

Some notable activities at Plastic & Rubber include

By attending Plastic & Rubber, visitors will have the opportunity to directly experience the latest products and technologies applied in the plastic industry today. The exhibition will feature interactive programs and sharing sessions on the industry’s development trends for the current year and the upcoming year. These include specialized seminars and direct exchanges throughout the exhibition.

When participating in Plastic & Rubber, businesses have the chance to receive awards for their booths, recognizing impressive investment and design, large scale, and media coverage. These awards are voted on and featured in various media outlets and press releases.

Regulations for participating in the exhibition

Admission regulations: The main visitors are businesspeople and enterprises related to the plastic and rubber industry. Children under 16 years old are not allowed in the exhibition area.

Sales at the exhibition: Participating exhibitors are not permitted to sell products within the exhibition. Any violation will result in the termination of activities and appropriate actions taken by the exhibition organizers.

Promotion at the exhibition: Businesses are only allowed to promote their brand and products within their own booths (except for designated areas specified by the exhibition organizers). It is not permitted to display signs, banners, or distribute flyers outside the designated areas.

Product presentations: Businesses are allowed to engage in interactive activities with visitors, but they must comply with the regulations set by the exhibition organizers. Additionally, exhibitors should consider the positioning and space of visitors to avoid obstructing pathways and blocking the view of other booths.

Wide range of projects outstanding Plastic & Rubber constructed by Gia Long

Gia Long always accompanies and is present at the company’s Plastic & Rubber stamp. With the goal of designing and creating outstanding exhibition booths, attracting customers. Let’s take a look at the exhibition booths we built atPlastic & Rubber over the years

International Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Industry in 2022

LOHIA CORP booth was designed and completed by Gia Long at the exhibitionPlastic & Rubber. With the implementation and supervision of professional staff, the booth has been completed in a neat and impressive way.

International Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Industry in 2019

BoothQATAR PAVILION is completed with many sophisticated details, with impressive textures and designs.

Contracting and designing exhibition booths for Plastic & Rubber 2023

Plastic & Rubber is one of the attractive destinations that provides businesses with opportunities to promote and showcase their products to visitors. Additionally, with exciting workshop programs, it is also an occasion for enterprises to acquire more knowledge and experience, boosting their business operations.

Gia Long is a professional and high-quality company specializing in design and construction exhibition booth Plastic & Rubber. With nearly 20 years of experience in stand booth design, along with a team of professional and experienced staff, we are confident in delivering beautiful and impressive exhibition stand design company for our customers. Please contact us immediately for dedicated consultation.

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