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Vietbuild exhibition

Vietbuild – Events for businesses to have the opportunity to meet, introduce and promote their brands to domestic and international customers. Besides display activities, the exhibition also brings new products and technologies. Together with solutions to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry in the country.

Vietbuild – International Exhibition of Construction Industry

The Vietbuild exhibition is one of the important events of the Construction – Real Estate – Building Materials and Interior Decoration industries taking place in Vietnam. Through many organizations, the exhibition has increasingly affirmed its role and value in the international market. Coming to Vietbuild, businesses have the opportunity to promote and introduce their products and brands to consumers and partners inside and outside the region.

With the grand scale of the organization and the convergence of many new products and new technologies, visitors can freely shop and buy products that suit their needs. From the achievements,Vietbuild really brought great effects to the economy, helping to enhance trade promotion, investment promotion and cooperation among enterprises in the construction industry in particular.

In addition to the activities of product introduction and display, Vietbuild offers programs on seminars, trade conferences, and joint venture cooperation that take place throughout the exhibition process. In particular, the exhibition also presents noble awards to businesses and brands that bring values ​​and contribute to quality and environmentally friendly works.

Things to know about Vietbuild 2023

Time to organize Vietbuild 2023

Vietbuild 2023 will include 9 exhibitions held with the theme “Construction – Industrial machinery and equipment – Interior and exterior decoration”. With the successful organization of 2 exhibitions in 2023, the exhibition continues to bring outstanding programs and events at time frames such as:

At Vietbuild Hanoi:

  • 2nd time: From September 20, 2023 – September 24, 2023
  • 3rd time: From November 29, 2023 – December 3, 2023

The exhibition was held at the National Construction Exhibition Palace

At Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh:

  • Second time: From 14/06/2023 – 18/06/2023 at Visky Expo Convention and Exhibition Center.
  • 3rd time: From 09/08/2023 – 13/08/2023 at Visky Expo Convention and Exhibition Center.
  • 4th time: From November 8, 2023 – November 12, 2023 at Phu Tho Sports Stadium.
  • 5th time: From December 20, 2023 – December 24, 2023 at Visky Expo Convention and Exhibition Center.

At Vietbuild Danang: From 10/05/2023 – 14/05/2023 at Danang Exhibition and Convention Center.

The Vietbuild exhibition will introduce and display diverse and rich products of the Construction industry – Industrial machinery & equipment & Interior and exterior decoration along with many attractive programs. Promising to be a destination that businesses, architects, engineers … should not be ignored.

Products displayed at Vietbuild 2023


  • Construction, production and supply of technological equipment, construction of traffic works, construction of irrigation, civil construction, machinery, mechanical equipment, mechanical construction, engineers, architects architect…

Architectural design consulting:

  • Introduction about the capabilities, achievements, of businesses in the fields.
  • Consulting, architectural design, construction design, interior and exterior decoration design.
  • Consulting on product quality inspection, construction quality, national technical standards, construction acceptance standards, product usage instructions…
  • Consulting, design and construction of green building materials.

Building materials:

  • Products of construction materials such as: cement, ceramic tiles, bricks and tiles, soil, steel, paint, waterproofing agent, plastic, insulation materials, soundproofing, corrugated iron, building glass, some chemicals in construction construction, solar power…
  • All kinds of machinery and equipment for the construction process.
  • Energy-saving technology equipment, renewable energy, friendly, environmental protection.

Real estate:

  • Introduction and presentation of projects, investment in real estate construction, introduction of industrial parks, resorts, high-rise buildings, hotels… Real estate trading floor
  •  products, commercial housing, products for smart housing construction, a number of companies in finance, credit, banking…

Interior decoration:

  • Equipment for fire prevention and fighting, electrical systems, anti-theft, fire alarms, safes, locks of all kinds…
  • Products for interior and exterior decoration: cabinets, tables and chairs, beds, refrigeration equipment, lights, windows, partitions, fans, kitchens, sanitary ware, wallpaper, salon, handicrafts , machines and technologies for exterior decoration,

Outstanding activities and programs at Vietbuild 2023

Conferences and business forums:In addition to displaying and introducing products, at the Vietbuild 2023 exhibition, there was also a conference to create connections and exchanges between businesses and corporations of the Vietnamese construction industry.

Seminar:Workshop topics on introducing new products and technologies to save costs and protect the environment. In addition, a series of seminars on digital transformation of the construction industry and real estate transactions are presented by prestigious domestic and international experts.

Competition – awarding:The program honors businesses with excellent achievements and positive contributions to participants.

Besides, there is an award for the unit that achieves “Stand size, beautiful and impressive design”.

Complete a series of Vietbuild projects designed and completed by Gia Long

Vietbuild 2023

Adicon booth was built and completed by Gia Long

TOSTEM booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

Construction of SUNHEARRT booth completed by Gia Long

Vietbuild 2022

  • Talent booth designed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • Kito booth was built and completed by Gia Long
  • Construction of Huy Hoang booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • ASN Window booth was completed by Gia Long
  • Nanyoo booth was built by Gia Long

Vietbuild 2019

  • The WOMA booth was designed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • TIENMA booth was built and completed by Gia Long
  • Construction of Enlers booth completed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • HSJAA booth completed by Gia Long
  • Construction of XINGFA booth by Gia Long
  • WEIYE booth designed and constructed by Gia Long
  • Construction of ALUCOBEST booth completed by Gia Long
  • Design and construction of Dublelin booth by Gia Long
  • Saluona booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition
  • Talent booth completed by Gia Long
  • HAPPY HOUSE booth was completely designed and constructed by Gia Long

Vietbuild 2018 

  • Derucci booth was built and completed by Gia Long
  • FLOVA booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition



Prestigious and quality Vietbuild exhibition booth construction unit

Vietbuild is one of the attractive destinations for construction and real estate businesses in the market. Not only diversifying products, the exhibition also brings many opportunities for business cooperation, creating cohesion and trade between businesses inside and outside the region.

Gia Long is an exhibition booth contractor specializing in the design and construction of quality professional exhibition booths in the market. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of exhibition booth construction and owning a team of experienced staff. We are confident to bring beautiful and impressive booth designs to customers.

If you have questions or difficulties in finding a reputable construction exhibition booth at Vietbuild, with an appropriate price. Please contact us immediately for a thorough consultation.

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