Hawa Expo 2024 – Exhibition Booth Construction for Hawa Expo

Hawa Expo exhibition

Hawa Expo 2024 exhibition is a completely new event in the wood and furniture industry in Vietnam. This event demonstrates innovation and diversity of product lines and applies many modern technology applications to products. Please accompany Gia Long when participating in Hawa Expo 2024 to bring strong development opportunities to businesses in the wood and furniture industry in Vietnam.

Some details about the Hawa Expo 2024 exhibition

Brief introduction to Hawa Expo

A place for businesses to display product and service lines of the Vietnamese fine arts furniture industry. In Hawa Expo exhibition Gathering thousands of businesses and production and business units of large and small scale to participate, the products displayed are diverse and rich with professional organization to fully meet the interior needs of the market. today’s consumer market.

Hawa Expo 2024 will be officially held in early March 2024 on an international scale, with careful investment, modern equipment system and many strong development opportunities here. This event carries a profound message, promising to bring participating businesses many opportunities for strong development and the most exciting activities.

To create the most favorable conditions for participating businesses, this year’s exhibition will be increasingly organized at WTC Binh Duong – WTC Expo International Exhibition Center. This is one of the first events in a series of exhibitions in 2024, anticipating trends and effective trade opportunities when businesses display products, services and technology at exhibition booths.

Detailed information about the Hawa Expo exhibition

Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Timeian: From March 6, 2024 to March 9, 2024
  • Location: at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Binh Duong:

  • Time: From March 7, 2024 to March 9, 2024
  • Location: WTC Expo International Exhibition Center – WTC Binh Duong

Display scale expected: In 2024, the fair will take place in Ho Chi Minh with 2,000 booths and an additional 700 booths at an enhanced location in Binh Duong. The number of booths has doubled compared to last year, so the exhibition will organize additional spots to meet the strong demand of businesses in the industry.

Exhibition field: Wooden product lines used for interior and exterior of houses, hotels, restaurants and offices, Gift products, handicrafts, Houses made from wood, All kinds of materials, equipment and accessories events, along with a number of other ancillary services.

Top 3 reasons why businesses in wood industry cannot ignore Hawa Expo exhibition

Come to the event Hawa Expo 2024 participating businesses will experience strong connection programs between buyers and sellers at the exhibition through a series of side events and bring businesses benefits such as:

Organizing Committee Focus and promote organizations aimed at innovation and progress

As people who have experience in organizing events related to the furniture and furniture industry, they will provide maximum support for businesses in propagating, promoting and declaring the unique value of the business through social networking platforms, marketing communication channels and efforts for businesses to reach many potential customers right at the exhibition.

Opportunities to develop business and approach investors

It is an opportunity for businesses operating in the industry to approach and showcase their products and services to customers, buyers, agents and potential investors. Identify and approach the right potential customer files, receiving the highest value for participating businesses.

Increase commercial efficiency for businesses

Improving the number of potential customers coming to the business and increasing sales for the units will take place right at the Hawa Expo, in addition to helping businesses update new design trends in production and optimal use of materials.

The Exhibition Booth Construction Company at  Hawa Expo

Come to Hawa Expo, the business is opening up a great opportunity for itself to develop in the wood and furniture export market. When participating in displaying products at exhibition booths, businesses need to focus on: the booth so that it is beautiful and of good quality, creating an advantage right from the start compared to competitors in the industry. Refer to the construction booth projects that Gia Long completed at the exhibition:

Hawa Expo 2023 events:

  • Eurofar booth was completed by Gian Long at the exhibition
  • The Fine Scandinavia booth was completed by Gia Long at the event
  • The Interlink booth was completed by Gia Long

Construction exhibition booth at Hawa Expo this is the step where you need to pay attention to finding a reputable and professional construction unit. Coming to Gia Long, you can feel completely secure about the process of exhibition booth designers contractors, we have 20 years of experience in the field from design to complete construction of the booth. Attend Hawa Expo exhibition for the first time, businesses should consider choosing a booth construction unit with high professional experience to ensure quality and finished products when displayed.

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