VTG 2023 – Exhibition Booth Construction for VTG

VTG exhibition

VTG 2023 is the event exhibition of Machinery, Equipment, Textile Materials and Accessories. Held in Vietnam, bringing together many domestic and international businesses with developed textile and garment industries, it is an opportunity to help businesses and visitors access advanced technology and equipment, especially connecting trade and business cooperation with countries around the world.

A few words about VTG

Organizers of the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Vinexad National Trade Fair & Advertising Joint Stock Company (VINEXAD), Yorkers Marketing & Trading Services Company Limited. And co-organized by: Guangdong Garment Equipment Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Garment Machinery Association, Paper Media Exhibition Service.

The expected scale of more than 800 booths with the participation of many prestigious exhibitors from many countries,VTG 2023 promises to bring a good business forum right at the exhibition, creating opportunities to interact and meet directly with industry-leading suppliers and businesses. It is also an opportunity for attendees who want to buy, sell and innovate businesses in the textile, embroidery, knitting and textile accessories industries.

The mold suffering exhibition also took place in a series of seminars, where experts shared knowledge about challenges and solutions in textile, cotton,profile fiber, the rapid development of Vietnam’s Textile and Garment market.

Activities at the VTG exhibition
Activities at the VTG exhibition

Details information about VTG 2023

Time takes place: October 25 – October 28, 2023.

Opening hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00 (Last day will close at 15:00).

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), Vietnam.

Exhibition field

Textile Machinery & Accessories

  • Tractors & Accessories
  • Loom
  • Fiber processing machines & accessories
  • Textile Machines & Accessories
  • Bleaching Machine & Washing Machine
  • Chemicals and dyes
  • Autoclave
  • Fabric processing machines & accessories
  • Embroidery equipment
  • Knitting machine
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Testing and control equipment
  • Winding machine

Garment machinery & accessories

  • Cut & Place Machine
  • Knife/Scissors
  • Grinding machine
  • Garment accessories
  • Ironing and steaming equipment
  • Sewing machines & accessories
  • Washing machines & accessories
  • Dry cleaning equipment

Printing equipment

  • Screen printing equipment
  • Software
  • Digital printing equipment
  • Consumable supplies
  • Garment decoration equipment includes embroidery
  • Fast fashion
  • Sublimation printing and transfers
  • In 3d


  • Footwear machinery/Injection molding machine
  • Footwear Materials / Accessories
  • Leather/Synthetic Leather
  • Leather processing machinery
Gian hàng trưng bày tại hội chợ triển lãm
Booth displayed at the exhibition

The reason for the exhibition to take place in Vietnam

  • The Next Destination of World Textiles: Vietnam plays an increasingly large role in the World Textile and Apparel Value Chain – Vietnamese garment products are exported to more than 180 countries and territories.
  • Wide-ranging insight into textile innovation: The Textile and Garment industry has been transformed from processing to production, starting to use advanced machinery. To improve the capacity of these fields, VTG 2023 takes place to share value-added perspectives on leading innovative solutions and global partnerships.
  • Advanced Integrated Platform for Vietnam Textile and Garment: To Waste time VTG takes place, a series of specialized seminars sharing new trend knowledge and solutions related to Textiles, Cotton,Yarns. 

Benefits of exhibitors

Trade connection program at the exhibition
Trade connection program at the exhibition
  • Exhibitor Profile: Exhibitors at VTG enjoy many event and advertising opportunities.
  • Online product list: Five products Information for customers’ reference will be uploaded to the website for free. Additional product listings will be charged upon request.
  • Exhibitor press release: An exhibitor press release will be uploaded to the website free of charge. Additional press releases will be charged upon request.
  • Invitation cards: The organizers provide free invitation cards to exhibitors to invite their suppliers or customers. The organizing committee has the right to the number of invitations.
  • Visa Invitation Letter: The Organizing Committee issues invitation letters to exhibitors to apply for visas as required.

Series of specialized seminars

Digital transformation towards a sustainable green textile industry with smart factories

  • Implementation experience & practical issues of textile and garment enterprises in the digital transformation race. Textile and Garment Enterprises aim for NET-ZERO. The ESCO model aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy saving & green energy certification.

Trade & Tax: Trends of Vietnam’s Textile and Garment Industry under the impact of RCEP

  • Rules of Origin, Certificate of Origin, How to Determine Country of Origin RCEP.

Value chain impacts on textile consumption in the EU and related policies

  • Analyze the latest data on Vietnam’s garment exports to the world and the EU. The main highlight of EVFTA is the provisions of the Textile and Garment industry. Prospects for the impact of EVFTA on Vietnam’s textile and garment production. In-depth analysis of the impact of EVFTA on Vietnam’s textile and garment supply chain

Policy Analysis for Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry and Outlook 2040

  • Current status of T&G Vietnam market based on Import-Export Data Analysis. Latest Impact of COVID-19 on Textile and Apparel Enterprises. The Latest Production Situation of Vietnam Garment Factories in the Current Period.

Design and construction of prestigious and quality VTG booths

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

VTG 2023 provides a platform to connect with leading industry experts. With an impressive construction booth, promote advanced technology equipment and services in the domestic Textile and Garment field to the international market.

Gia Long is a contractor specializing in construction exhibition booth VTG. Most reputable and professional on the market. With nearly 20 years of operation in the industry, we have had many public projects and are considered a reputable domestic and international exhibition booth contractor. If you have questions or difficulties in finding a reputable testing and design company. Please contact us immediately for detailed advice.

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