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Contech Vietnam 2024 – The International Exhibition on Construction, Mining Industry and Transport – Machinery, Equipment, Technology, Vehicles and Materials will continue to take place in Vietnam in 2024. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to visit and directly experience the most advanced technologies in the world, displayed by businesses from countries around the world.

Some details about the Contech Vietnam exhibition

After many years of successfully organizing exhibitions in Vietnam. Up to now, Contech Vietnam has become a reputable quality destination with great influence in the Construction, Mining, and Transportation industries, bringing a lot of value and receiving high appreciation from customers.

Organized by Hanoi International Fair and Advertising Joint Stock Company (HADIFA). Contech Vietnam – The only international event in Vietnam specializing in machinery, technology, and materials for the construction and mining industry. Attracting a large number of customers to visit and experience domestically and internationally. 

Updated images of the opening ceremony of Contech Vietnam 2023
Updated images of the opening ceremony of Contech Vietnam 2023

Contech Vietnam 2024 is supported by ministries, effectively helping attendees connect, with industry press, and media organizations. Chinh is a professional playground to connect, cooperate, and develop business cooperation with foreign partners. At the same time, update the latest trends and technology in this field.

Detailed information about Contech Vietnam 2024

Time: from April 17 to April 20, 2024

Location: (NECC) – Hanoi National Construction Planning and Architecture Exhibition Palace.

Expected scale

  • Exhibition area: 5000m2
  • More than 5,000 visitors visited throughout the 4 days of the exhibition
  • Scale of 120 booths to countries around the world: Sweden, Germany, France, Russia, UAE, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, … and Vietnam

Support Company

Ministry of Construction

Ministry of Industry and Trade

The transportation

Ministry of Science & Technology

Media partners:

HOUSELINK Joint Stock Company

Vietnam Construction Newspaper

Vietnam Investment Magazine

Vietnam economic news

Vietnam Business Forum

Showing product

  • Construction and Construction

Equipment, tools and specialized construction systems; Construction equipment; Formwork and scaffolding; Lifting and conveyor equipment; On-site concrete and mortar production line; Construction machine installation services at construction sites and in factories.

  • Exploration, exploitation and processing of mineral resources

Equipment for exploration drilling, drilling for blasting, mining, and underground construction; Loading, plowing, plowing, and grading equipment; Lifting and transport equipment on construction sites and in mines; Machines for crushing, crushing, screening and processing minerals

  • Construction materials and tools

Transporting and packaging construction materials (by machine); Ingredients and finished products of construction materials; Navigation and communication equipment; tools, machinery,…

  • Labor safety

Building services; Consulting and supervision services; Information technology and telecommunications

Integrated feature management; Measurement control system; Outdoor installation; Protection, fire prevention and fighting equipment system

  • Factory systems and production machinery

Asphalt; Cement, lime, plaster mixture; Concrete, concrete products and precast concrete; Plaster and plasterboard; Machines and production lines for stone and materials use electricity produced from waste,…

  • Electrical Technology and Equipment:

Conductors, Electric Cables; Conductive materials; Insulating materials; Transformer station; Technology and solutions for power distribution and power system automation; Industrial electrical equipment and products; Technology, machinery and equipment for power plants; Power generation stations & equipment,..

Physical Therefore, you should visit Contech Vietnam 2024

The exhibition booth was made by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was made by Gia Long
  • Contech Vietnam is the leading international trade event specializing in Construction, mining, and transportation infrastructure in Vietnam.
  • With the experience and reputation of the exhibition organizer (HADIFA) along with strong support from Ministries and Departments, the Association is expected to welcome over 120 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors. domestic and international majors
  • Displaying and introducing the most advanced modern hooks, equipment, and technology on an area of ​​5,000 square meters
  • Opportunity to directly attend specialized seminarsConnect with businesses and potential partners
  • Attend free technical presentations with high-level experts from countries around the world.

Events take place

Conference/workshop program

CConference programs are organized by associations and professional organizations in coordination with the organizing unit (HADIFA).

Topic 1: Construction Materials Association

Topic 2: Association of Mining Science and Technology

Topic 3: General Construction Association

Topic 4: Houselink Joint Stock Company

Technical presentation

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to directly introduce and promote their new products and technologies at the event. Through press and television channels, it has since become a launching pad to be accepted by the market.

Business connection

Contech Vietnam 2024 is the perfect destination to create favorable conditions for visitors to interact with leading businesses in each field, thereby saving time finding more potential customers.

Contech Vietnam 2024 exhibition booth design and construction company

The exhibition booth was completed by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was completed by Gia Long

Contech Vietnam 2024 – The International Trade Fair for Construction, Mining, and Transportation of Equipment, Technology, Vehicles, and Materials will be held in conjunction with – the Vietnam Electric Energy and Lighting Exhibition. So owning one impressive and outstanding exhibition booth design will attract many potential customers right at the exhibition.

Gia Long is a company specializing in constructing and exhibition booth designing Contech Vietnam exhibition booths on the market. As one of the custom exhibition stand builders who has been operating in this field for many years, we are confident that we will bring customers the most unique and beautiful booths. Please contact us for the fastest guidance and advice.

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