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Vietnam Growtech exhibition

Vietnam Growtech 2023 – The International Exhibition on Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Technology will officially take place at SECC in December 2023. Opportunity for those interested in developing and applying technology in the agricultural field. The event will be a place to introduce leading technology products and services and provide a series of booths and discussion forums, helping visitors access innovative solutions from reputable global suppliers.

A few words about Vietnam Growtech

GrowTech Vietnam is the most comprehensive event in the industry of Vietnamese Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Technology. Displaying advanced products and technologies along with the latest solutions and services in the agricultural sector, from machinery and equipment to fertilizers, irrigation systems and smart farm management.

Joint Stock Company ADPEX combine vOrganized by the Department of Science and Technology Enterprise Market Development and Agricultural Products Processing and Market Development Department GrowTech Vietnam 2023. SThe event attracted a large number of visitors with more than 400 booths from farm managers, agribusinesses, researchers, distributors, and representatives of government agencies.

A large number of domestic and foreign tourists are present at Vietnam Growtech 2023
A large number of domestic and foreign tourists are present at Vietnam Growtech 2023

In addition, within the framework of the exhibition, there will also be seminars and attractive event programs shared by leading experts in the fields of agriculture, technology research and farm management. Opportunity to expand business networks, meet and find new potential partners. At the same time, gain access to the latest trends, technology and developments in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery

Detailed information about Vietnam Growtech 2023

Event time: December 13 – 16, 2023 (4 days)

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center – SECC

Business hours :

December 13 – 16: Visitors: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

December 16: Visitors: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

Expected scale

  • The exhibition attracts 20,000+ expected large number of visitors
  • More than 400 booths participated in displaying the latest technology and machinery products
  • Participation in the exhibition comes from 25+ countries and territories such as: China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, etc.
The exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long

Exhibition field

Agricultural equipment and machinery at Vietnam Growtech 2023

  • Reciprocating harrows, rotary cultivators and cultivators, Primary cultivators and Secondary cultivators, Seed drills. Excavating machinery and equipment, bulldozers and hedge care machines, Stone crushers, lawn mowers, dike rotators, Sweepers, Washers and tractors and Tool trucks
  • Irrigation system: overhead irrigation machines, drip irrigation, pumps & pipes, sprinklers & irrigation valves.
  • Soil preparation tools such as hoes, plows, electric and manual scissors, pruning shears and tool sets… Machines to support grass cutting, vacuuming, mist sprayers and hole makers, machines Sowing and edging – pruning,…Harvesting machinery, reaping, picking, etc.

Types of plant protection drugs

  • WhenNom: Seeds of plants, tubers, ornamental plants or bonsai, etc. Fertilizers and pesticides, nutrient solutions, spraying and fertilizer spreading equipment
Some outstanding products displayed at the Vietnam Growtech event
Some outstanding products displayed at the Vietnam Growtech event

About animal husbandry and aquaculture

  • Food & nutrition for pets, Medicines for diseases and vaccines.., Monitoring systems for barns & farms, Heating and drying machinery and equipment systems for barns. Equipment & materials, automatic food supply systems in livestock farming, cleaning equipment for barn areas…
  • Technological equipment and machinery for preserving offshore fishing, cage systems for raising seafood and air filtration systems, automatic feeding machinery and equipment

Post-harvest preservation equipment and high-tech applications

  • Warehouse systems and temperature monitoring & control devices, Refrigerated vehicles for transportation in warehouses, Production and processing lines for agricultural products, Preserved products, Refrigerated & hot dryers, Monitoring equipment during transportation, preservation equipment along with packaging lines…
  • Some products of rice, noodles, coffee, cocoa, corn, potatoes, cassava, pepper, etc. Processed & exported fresh fruits and fresh flowers and ornamental plants, for decoration

Digital transformation technology equipment

  • Digital conversion IoT and various types of sensor devices: light, humidity, temperature and automatic devices to regulate irrigation water, automation: harvesting, sowing, spraying and thinning, classifying and packaging agricultural products
  • Machinery technology and drone equipment, crop monitoring: spraying, sowing…

Reasons why businesses should participate in the Vietnam Growtech exhibition

  • Vietnam Growtech 2023 is the most anticipated major event in the Vietnamese agricultural equipment technology industry with an exhibition area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters.
  • Update and directly experience the latest equipment technology in the fields of farming and animal husbandry
  • Meet and exchange cooperation, establish relationships with 300 Vietnamese and international businesses
  • The conference and discussion program on trade support policies for intermediary organizations in the market will take place completely free of charge.
  • Will be a destination for trade cooperation: between Vietnamese businesses and foreign businesses in the fields of products, equipment, machinery, services & food and beverage technology
  • Performance program atThe exhibition area showcases internal technologyAgricultural industry: Area for displaying technology in breeding and breeding plants, fertilizers and pesticides… Area for demonstration and display of equipment for the livestock and aquaculture industry. Demonstration and display area for post-harvest preservation machinery technology.
The exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long

Exhibition Booth Design and Construction Company for Vietnam Growtech 2023

Vietnam Growtech 2023 promises to bring to attendees many development opportunities in the Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Technology industry in Vietnam. The event will bridge the gap between international suppliers and local Vietnamese industry experts to bond together and cooperate for development. Therefore, businesses should look for a reputable booth contractor to make an impression on customers. 

Gia Long is a company specializing in construction exhibition booth Vietnam Growtech on the market. With many years of experience in the industry, together with a highly skilled and experienced construction team. We are committed to providing customers with samples of fair booth design most unique and impressive.

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