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Vifa Expo exhibition

Vifa Expo 2024 is the International Fair of Wooden Furniture and Handicraft Exports of Vietnam. Following the success of 14 previous fairs, in 2024 Vifa Expo officially returns with the trust and companionship of businesses and organizations in the industry with a completely new Time and Location. 

Therefore, for exporting fine art wooden furniture businesses to be most impressive, they need to have an attractive booth design with an impressive scale right at the event.

Some details about Vifa Expo 2024

Vifa Expo is the Vietnam International Wooden Furniture and Handicrafts Fair, this is the largest annual event in Southeast Asia (Asean). It is considered a gathering place for all leading businesses, organizations, and investors in the Furniture and Fine Arts industry to attend.

The fair is the place to display the most eye-catching and impressive product lines of wooden furniture, handicrafts, interior and exterior furniture, creating the largest, liveliest and most unique display space enterprise product lines. 

Especially for fairs Vifa Expo 2024 this is an opportunity for businesses and brands, as well as buyers, to find sources of quality products that meet international standards. In addition, at Vifa Expo 2024, buyers here will enjoy exclusive incentive programs from the Organizing Committee along with attractive gifts and incentives throughout the process of participating and finding suppliers at Vifa Expo 2024 fair Vifa Expo 2024.

Information about the VIFA EXPO 2024 exhibition

Vifa Expo 2024 has officially been determined to be held at a completely new time and location.

Fair name: Vifa Expo 2024 – Vietnam International Wooden Furniture and Fine Arts Export Fair

Event time: February 26, 2024 through February 29, 2024

New venue: Sky Expo Center – Vietnam International Convention Exhibition Center (Road 1, Quang Trung Software CV, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City)

Expected scale: With the success of the past year 2023, this year 2024 the fair is expected to attractMore than 600 domestic and foreign businesses will attend, more than 2,000 booths will be displayed on a scale with a total area of ​​up to 36,000 square meters, expected to be a gathering of reputable suppliers and manufacturers. industry leaders from domestic and international sources.

Fields displayed at the Vifa Expo exhibition

Coming to Vifa Expo 2024, attendees will experience the industries displayed here in fields such as:

Furniture field: All kinds of tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and all kinds of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices and children’s rooms.

Outdoor furniture field: Garden accessories, swimming pools, outdoor furniture, outdoor and patio furniture, and a variety of other outdoor decorative items.

The field of decorative arts: Materials and accessories used in interior decoration, handicrafts such as bamboo and rattan, ceramics, textile accessories, carpets, and a series of shops and art installations.

Other related fields: Including types of wood used as raw materials, machinery and production equipment, utensils and hardware materials, upholstery accessories and many related industries.

Benefits for businesses participating in Vifa Expo 2024

With the increasingly strong development of the wood industry in the Vietnamese and international markets, the fair Vifa Expo has affirmed its position compared to other exhibition events with the same theme. Up to now Vifa Expo 2024 is currently a leading fair event, highly appreciated by experts for its organization and professionalism in implementation stages.

Come to the exhibition Vifa Expo 2024 businesses will be able to participate in many trade promotion activities, serving the trade cooperation process of businesses attending the exhibition, bringing many benefits to participating units such as:

  • Create many meetings, direct trade and cooperation with units right at the exhibition framework, along with seminar programs run by experts that bring great value to businesses.
  • Opportunity for business cooperation with investors, buyers, opportunity to find agents right at the booth.
  • Reach a large number of potential customers as well as absorb new potential markets in the future.

Fair Vifa Expo 2024 is where attractive and professional talks, seminars and specialized programs take place. Along with the strong development of the market, Vietnam’s wood and furniture industry hopes to become a “Furniture Factory for the World ” in the future. Therefore, Vifa Fair 2024 is expected to be a gathering activity for many leading businesses in the industry from many countries around the world to attend, a great opportunity for domestic businesses to promote their products to the international market. 

Choose a professional booth construction company at Vifa Expo 2024

Come to the fair Vifa Expo 2024 There will be many businesses displaying products in the same field and industry as your business, and there will also be competitors to your business. Therefore, to attract and make a strong impression in the eyes of attending customers is extremely necessary. Having an impressive booth design and scale will help your company attract the attention of customer partners when coming to the exhibition.

The display booth is also the face of the business right at the fair. Therefore, investing in a neat and professional space is something that businesses need to pay attention to and design for their booths, helping to create goodwill in the eyes of partners and attending customers.

Gia Long’s Vifa Expo booth construction projects over the years

Vifa Expo 2023:

+ Glory booth was completed by Gia Long

+ Eurofar booth was completed by Gia Long

+ DeRUCCI booth was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

+ Ngan Thinh Phat – Booth made by Gia Long

+ VHT booth was completed by Gia Long

+ Sofax pharmacy booth made by Gia Long

+ Design for home booth was completed by Gia Long

+ Giao Chau is the booth completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

+ Thien Bac booth was completed by Gia Long

+ CMPC booth was completed by Gia Long

+ Comf-pro was completed by Gia Long at the exhibition

+ Niuchen – booth made by Gia Long

Vifa Expo 2022:

+ Fine Scandinavia booth follows a modern, youthful concept.

+ Modo Living Nordic style booth made by Gia Long.

+ Scancom booth was completed by Gia Long.

+ Eurofar fair booth designed and constructed by Gia Long.

+ Ngan Thinh Phat booth is made by Gia Long

+ Interlink booth was completed by Gia Long

Vifa Expo 2019:

+ Casanha Home chose Gia Long as the design and construction unit.

+ The booth belongs to Vietceramics company and is made by Gia Long

Vifa Expo 2018:

+ Exhibition booth of Vangarz company constructed by Gia Long

+ Eurofar fair booth completed by Gia Long

+ Detchun’s event booth was made by Gia Long

+ Kidmaster’s advertising booth was constructed by Gia Long.

+ Wilsons Hill Vietnam Joint Stock Company’s booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long.

Vifa Expo 2017:

+ Modo Living’s exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long

+ Vangarz fair booth made by Gia Long

+ Eurofar’s advertising booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long.

Gia Long is a company specializing in exhibition booth construction at Vifa Expo. With nearly 20 years of experience as a reputable exhibition contractor, with a highly skilled, well-trained and professional construction team. We are confident that we will bring customers the most impressive and large-scale exhibition booth design to attract attendees, and ensure the quality of the booth when constructing the exhibition booth.

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